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Resume Building Opportunities

After-School College Preparatory Study Hall

Tutoring in all subjects including ACT/SAT | Resume-building assistance | Assistance finding community service opportunities
| Congressional Award Mentoring | CSPAN Documentary Workshops

Be sure to check out the education menu below for extra-curricular academics that teach their children about Western Civilization and to learn how to map out a bright future.

Peer Counseling Opportunities

The Peer Academic Leadership (PAL) program is designed to teach students the essentials of college requirements. This includes how to evaluate transcripts and identify deficiencies, as well as understanding their role as peer counselors.

Extracurricular Education

Going beyond the standard curriculum, we also offer expanded opportunities to experience a classical education. These include the following offerings:

Philosophy for All Ages | Logic for Middle School | Rhetoric for High School | Great Books Discussions

Enriching Minds with Great Books

Expand the menu of educational offerings for your student with enrichment classes from Fairmont Academy, based in Littleton, Colorado. From introducing young people to the foundations of logic to revealing the Latin roots of our language, we use the Socratic method of teaching to introduce them to the classics. This helps give them a firm foundation in the traditions and learning of the Western world. To help further your student's education, we also provide college planning services to assist students interested in pursuing an advanced education. Reach out to us today for additional consulting and planning support. Find out more about our work or learn about the Great Books program by contacting us.

Basics Plus:

• Tutoring in All Subjects Including SAT/ACT
• Excellence in Writing
• C-SPAN - Class and Prep for Competition
• Speech - Dramatic Interpretation
• Speech - Humorous Interpretation
• Speech - Platform (i.e. TheBookKnight On YouTube
• Introductory Logic
• Intermediate Logic

Socratic Method Teaching:

• Philosophy for Children
• Teaching the Classics: A Socratic Method for Literary Education
• The Great Books of the Western World Discussion Classes

Music and Art History:

• Enjoyment of Music
• Art in Focus

Foreign Languages:

• Spanish for Children
• Spanish - Tell Me More
• Latin for Children
• English from the Roots Up
• Root Work Vocabulary Building Games

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