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Fairmont Academy uses an online, automated platform with CollegeChoiceToday that provides students with the necessary tools to confidently choose a college, major, career path and funding.

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Pathway to Success

At Fairmont Academy, we understand the guessing game so often associated with college selection, and we have designed a program to manage this process, align expectations, and ensure the discovery of the best college fit and field of study for students. Fairmont Academy provides all the tools you need for a student to catapult into a meaningful career.

College Assessment

The first step in our process is an online interview with your personal college coach. Our experts in behavior and psychology provide advice by asking the questions that help a student and their family come to understand what they all are looking for in the college experience and career to follow.Each student receives a customized experience tailored to his or her exact needs. We begin by asking questions to determine the best fit by surfacing everyone’s goals.

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Career Assessment

In Step 2 of our college coaching program, students are provided an online career aptitude test.

We then run the student’s assessment results against more than 90 job databases, including the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Information Network – the country’s primary source of occupational information.

We also pull data from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Institute of Education Sciences, so that in addition to collecting important input and information from you, our assessment tools pull information and data from trusted, up-to-date sources.

The result: a package of recommendations for career, college, major and financial options custom tailored to your passion, personality, and skills.

Prepare for the SAT at your own pace

Online SAT classes

Fairmont Academy has partnered with First Choice College, one of the premier test prep providers in New England, to offer your child discounted access to live online SAT prep classes and get him or her ready for the new test. These classes are fully interactive and conducted LIVE, via the web, by graduates of Yale and other top universities.

Empower Your Career Search and Open Doors!

Propel Your Career
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For Strategic Online Networking


Fairmont Academy has partenered with 2Actify, an online course that teaches a step-by-step process for strategic online career networking techniques that you can use with your favorite social networking platforms.