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College Planning Consulting

We walk families through the steps of preparing for the academic, extracurricular, and financial aspects of college planning. We consult with students to support and help supplement their education. At Fairmont Academy, we specifically have a great amount of experience in helping those who home school succeed in the college admission process.

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We direct students so they can understand what they want from a college. This includes giving students a self-assessment test and informing them of what will be required of them to be considered by these institutions. We also assist the student in developing a schedule to ensure they are aware of and prepared to meet deadlines critical to success of the overall process. Students are also guided through the college visiting process.


Fairmont Academy allows families to access wisdom in order to help eliminate errors caused by inexperience with the college planning process. This includes covering the importance of setting expectations with regard to student/parent roles and responsibilities throughout the process.


Our academy also provides resources as students prepare their college application packages. This includes guidance on scholarships and grants that may be available to the student to help finance their education. We educate students and parents on standard financial position reporting requirements, loan options for financing, and expectations for estimated family contributions.

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How to Find the Right College with Fairmont Academy

From helping your child find a college to paying for your child’s college education, Fairmont Academy's college coaching and college matching technology helps students and parents find that best fit college to provide a secure start for a bright future.


Where will I go to school? What type of career is right for me? What should I study? Where will I get the money to pay for school?

These are the four major questions every high school graduate should be asking themselves when they start high school. But if you are like most students, you will start this conversation your junior and more than likely the beginning of your senior year. And like most students, you may need a little extra help. You now have an option — Fairmont Academy.

College counseling by Fairmont Academy starts with questions. In fact, the program starts with a coach interviewing the parents and students separately to assess their interests and hopes from college.

The questions in the initial interview focus in on factors like the location and size of the school, field of study, test scores, and student lifestyle.

We’re hooked into the U.S. Department of Education and its database of over 7,500 schools. After the interviews we develop a short list of schools, including a stretch school and safety school.

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Where are they going to school? What will they study? What career will they be best at? What will make them happy? How will I pay for school? These are all questions that create tension, pressure, and anxiety.

Where? Major? Cost? Scholarships?

Parents Doing Research

As a parent, we are up against tough odds – the average student goes to school for 6 years, and 48% drop out or change schools in the first year. Average cost of school increases 12-20% each year. It is not easy, we know from first-hand experience. But there is a solution – Fairmont Academy.

We assign a team to work with you and your student to manage the process for you. We will do the work and communicate with you through email, phone, text, online chat and research. Most importantly, your personal team are parents, teachers, admission specialists, and scientists that have been there and done that. We personally know what it feels like before, during and after the process. We all want the best for your student, let us help you.

How do we measure success? By getting every student into a school or career – period! Start today, let us help.

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